Getting enough protein is very important, but when it comes to protein, it’s not just the total amount you take in every day that matters, getting enough at each meal is also important.

Ideally, we want to be getting a protein “hit” or “dose” every 3 (ish) hours throughout the day. Not only is protein ESSENTIAL for building, repairing and preserving muscle, it also helps us feel full throughout the day, keeping us away from those dreaded, mindless, carb rich.. #shhhnacks.

Howewer, since it’s not as accessible as carbohydrate and fat sources, many people find it challenging to hit daily protein goals consistently.

Sure, protein can appear to be more challenging to come by, but I promise with a little extra thought, you can easily increase your intake without having to eat large portions in one sitting!

INCREASE YOUR PORTIONS AT EACH MEAL   It sounds simple, but increasing your serving of lean animal based meats from 100 grams to 120 grams can add up to help you hit your protein requirements come the end of the day.

A 100-gram (3.5-oz) serving of these foods will give you the following amounts of protein:

  • Chicken or turkey breast: 30 grams.

  • Tuna: 26 grams.

  • Salmon: 25 grams.

MAKE PROTEIN YOUR SNACK   Switch out your usual carb and fat-fueled snacks with ones that have protein as the focus. Try pairing lean meats with your veggie sticks, or swap out your favorite dipping sauce for a protein-packed hummus.

PROTEIN POWDER   Add your favorite protein powder to a smoothie, overnight oats / porridge, mix it into yoghurt, add it to almond / coconut milk & heat to form a “hot chocolate” or include in a batch of pancakes or waffles at breakfast time for a simple and delicious way to boost your daily intake.
The supplement world is overwhelming, one scoop (28 grams) of whey powder provides about 20 grams of protein (on average)
There are insane amounts of different brands and options to choose from in terms of meeting your different dietary needs, if you need help with a recommendation, slide into my inbox.

GREEK YOGHURT IS YOUR FRIEND   If your tummy allows for dairy, Greek yogurt / Chobani Fit, or YoPro yoghurts are about to be your new protein bestie. A versatile, high-protein food! Top it with fruit, make a homemade dip / tzatziki, it can be used as a substitute for sour cream in dips, sauces and other recipes or simply eat by itself. #delish

Say COTTAGE cheeeeeeeeese  With some many varieties of cheese available, its extremely overwhelming looking through the dairy section in the supermarket, I get it.
Instead of your standard “cheddar” – try including a low fat cottage cheese into your day (a one-cup (225-gram) serving contains approx 25 grams of protein!!)
This bad boy can be added to almost any dish, use as a dip for vegetables, top on crackers, or add to toast / cruskits / corn thins – cottage cheese…an incredibly helpful and tasty tool to boost your protein.

ADD EGG WHITES  Egg whites are a great way to add volume and protein to your meal with minimal added fat. Try adding them to your next stir-fry, overnight oats / porridge or pasta dish and watch how your protein target soars! What’s more, several studies have shown that eating eggs for breakfast reduces appetite and keeps you full for several hours, so you end up eating fewer calories later in the day, keep that in mind when you are deciding what to have for breakfast, and maybe try to swap out your sugar filled cereal for eggs next time!

Still trying to figure out the right amount of protein for you? That’s where I am come in, have a squiz through my website, or shoot me an email, I would LOVE to help. 

In health, keep crushing, drink your water, eat yo veggies, but most importantly, eat your protein!

Zoe xx