Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Zoe!

The founder of Fika Nutrition.

Have you tried every “diet” under the sun & haven’t found that “ah ha” moment or sustainable success? That was once me as well.

To put it bluntly, as a teen / young adult I spent over a decade struggling with binges, under eating, restricting food intake, over eating, emotional eating, dealing with poor body image, self confidence and hormones issues. I tried every diet and meal plan under the sun in an attempt to get my body to reflect the hard work I was putting in at the gym, I jumped from one diet to another with no results, (when does the yoyo approach ever come with results) which only left me feeling disheartened and increasingly confused about what foods I should eat, as well sitting in a severe case of adult acne and low self esteem.

Today, I am a qualified nutrition consultant / coach who helps women and men ditch the yo yo diet approach and adopt a more balanced approach to nutrition.

My life has been transformed by nutrition & fitness, now I want to pay it forward by helping others to feel the same.

I aspire to transform the way people think about food, and follow a 80/20 approach because ultimately, this is what has given me my energy, zest for life, and clear skin back after many years of trying it all.

Lets achieve your body transformation / health goals, improve your relationship with food and equipped you with the knowledge to make lasting changes to your health.

Reach all of your goals, whilst enjoying the foods you love.

In health, Zoe