30 Day Winter REBOOT (Available for purchase until Aug 7th 2023)


If Fika gave you all the tools right now to get in the best shape of your life.. do you think you would achieve just that?
You might, if you’re highly motivated kind, sure, maybe the tools are all you need, but then again… you might not. ⁣
In our opinion, most people can’t do it with the tools alone. ⁣
We have access to all the information in the word, google is phenomenal, coaches throughout your social media (most) are also phenomenal.
But education, is very different to taking actually, and actually implementing.
Why would you take the lonnnnnnnnnger road of trying to find your own way, when someone else can get you there sooner? ⁣

If you’re ready to finally accomplish some health & nutrition goals this year, & you just feel like you need the accountability for a few weeks to get the wheels turning then this new four week REBOOT is just for you!!!!

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FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY (available for purchase until August 7th) Fika is breaking the rules (and our 8 week minimum) and offering a month of accountability to get you humming!

Start – ANYTIME (course will only be available until Aug 7th)
Simply add the course to your cart, check out & let’s get started!

Personalized Fika Bible (With personalized targets)
App access
Instant messenger between you and your coach
Community Forums (with likeminded people on the same journey)
Hundreds of recipes
8x personalized meal plans (spread across the 30 days however you wish!)
Weekly check-ins (via email)

$199.00 + gst ($218.90)

What’s not included? (but included in 1:1 coaching – 8, 12, and 16 week programs)
Weekly education
Unlimited meal plans

What are you waiting for?

Let’s build that momentum and crush winter in the nuts!