Hi! I’m Zoe aka “Fika Nutrition”

Have you tried every “diet” under the sun, and haven’t found that “ah ha” moment or long-term success?

We know nutrition can be overwhelming, but too often, people tend to make it far more complicated than it needs to be.

This is how Fika Nutrition was born, to provide completely individualized nutrition programs, clear-cut, science-packed education, tailored to YOU, so you can actually stick to this nutrition shift.. long term.

Meet Zoe Vincent

Founder, Owner, & Head Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Zoe 👋

Founder and head nutritionist of Fika Nutrition. I empower clients towards finding a life of bliss and harmony with all things food. I spent years yo-yo dieting, chasing the fad diets, exercising for punishment, and ignoring the messages my body was sending me. I was the girl scrolling through Instagram looking at hundreds of “transformation” pictures wondering WHEN WILL THAT BE ME 🤔

I was the girl, trying every diet under the sun, you name it, I have done it. I was the girl, overtraining, under fueling, & wondering why my body wasn’t reflecting my hard work at the gym. & although I’m proud of myself and love who I am now, the physical transformation is the least important part of my journey.

You’re probably thinking “sure, easy to say that when you’ve reached your goals.” And the answer is, yeah – I guess you’re right! Most people start this journey with a goal of looking a certain way… I sure did!

But you realize at some point how much more important it is to develop a healthy relationship with food, to be strong and physically able, to believe in yourself, to develop discipline, and to enjoy the process. Now, I want to empower you to do the same, to empower you with the tools to master YOUR nutrition.

These online 1:1 programs are customized to fit your unique health history and goals. Whether you want to level up your energy, lose weight sustainably, increase energy, get more out of your training, or simply understand how to work with your body… I’ve got your back.

Think of me as your coach on the go, providing you with personalized nutrition education, meal plans, support, guidance and accountability from anywhere in the world across the globe. I got you.

Your pocket nutritionist,


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