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Aka “Fika Nutrition” - a qualified nutritionist, empowering you with the tools to master your nutrition.


Here at Fika, we believe health is more than just the physical.

When mapping out your game plan, we factor in all facets of your health (physical, social, emotional, mental, etc.) and support you in finding the sweet spot with your diet and lifestyle, never making nutrition harder than it needs to be, because you have enough on your plate!

We’re here to help you improve inside and out by teaching you sustainable changes that’ll get you to where you want to be, but most importantly, how to stay there. We tailor every package to each individual based on your unique goals and food preferences you may have.

Everything we do is designed with built-in flexibility, so you don’t have to feel like you’re restricting yourself or not being able to have the things you want (correct, we won’t tell you to skip your favorite dessert or expect you to be perfect!)

Perhaps you're

Or simply the person who sees no harm in self-improvement around all things nutrition – whatever it be, we can tailor these programs to suit YOU.

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Different ways to join our Fika Family…

8,12, and 16 weeks

Our 1:1 nutrition coaching programs operate entirely online, so you can crush your health goals from the comfort of your own home. Purchase date is your start date.

30 day reboot course

For the self-motivated individuals who are wanting to accomplish some health & nutrition goals and just feel like you need the guidance for a few weeks to get the wheels turning.

for your gym / fitness studio

Nutrition services for your members and clients, to elevate their training.

A selection of fun (free) recipes and Ebooks, because we want to show you that eating healthy does not need to be boring.

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of health with our Fika Nutrition Gift Vouchers.

Happy Hour (Free)

We’ve launched a new, FREE (7 day) course for you to dive into!! Learn more below.

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